A story of triumph over adversity

and a beacon of hope for

parents and teenagers alike.


There is hope.


You, too, can go from victim to victorious.




If you ever met David Gillman, you’d find it difficult to believe he ever

put a gun to his head and seriously contemplated pulling the trigger.

Yet that is exactly what he did. 

If you then learned, as I did, that he was twelve years old at the time; you’d be gob-smacked. 

He doesn’t seem the type, or at least, that was my first thought.

Then I stopped and thought about it again.

What exactly is the type? 

What kind of turmoil or trauma

leads a twelve year old to consider taking their own life?

David Gillman's compelling book on the taboo topic of suicide, provides helpful strategies to aid the reader in identifying pitfalls and danger areas that could lead to suicide.  He offers no-nonsense advice and information to readers, young and old, helping them deal with unhealthy, harmful issues in a healthy, productive way.


will show you how to;

Coach yourself out of a seemingly hopeless situation, whether you're still in school or well past your school years

Set out strategies to change your mindset from helplessness to triumph

Rewrite the rules for your life

so that you can live on your own terms,

not at the mercy of others.

If you are struggling with;


Suicidal Thoughts



Broken Heart


this book is for you.


David Gillman was born in Glenroy, Victoria, Australia.  An only child, his parents, Wendy and Stewart Gillman, own a family printing business where David works, assisting with the management of the operation. In 1982, his family moved to Essendon.  His early childhood was relatively happy, though this soon deteriorated as he was subjected to systematic and ongoing bullying throughout his school years. Powerless to stop the bullying, David attempted suicide at the age of 12. 

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