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“Lots of people need to read this book to learn, understand and help teenagers, adults and kids to overcome the overwhelming feeling of being alone and misunderstood which can result in violence towards others or self-harm”


"I’m about two thirds of the way through it and I’m really impressed with your work so far.

It’s one of the most practical approaches to self-help

I’ve ever seen!

You f**kn nail it bro!"


“I’ve never read a coaching book like this before! It’s not just

life- coaching tools, it offers the author’s personal story as well....

...something that many teenagers will connect with!”


"I just read your book from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down. I cried at the end, not because of the tragedy but because of the triumph! What an amazing achievement to put this all into a book."


“ReWrite The Rules is full of powerful examples of how

one step at a time can have a positive effect on more than one aspect of your life.

Thank you for delving into a once very taboo subject.”


"I am no expert but your explanations are so easily understandable.

Dave, the years you spent on this enterprise have been 200% worth the effort. Par Excellence."



"I tell everyone about your book and hopefully those who need it most will one day be open to reading it."


"An amazing book written by a great man.

His work is a true testimony to the inspirational person he is."


"I love how it flows through each chapter.

Love all the quotes also.

They are perfect."

Video clips

Video Testimonial discussing Dave Gillman's strategies and tools to prevent suicide

contained in his suicide prevention self-help book, ReWrite the Rules.

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