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David Gillman knows his subject matter. In his perceptive new book, ReWrite the Rules, he deals with the sensitive topic of suicide with remarkable clarity and insight. In relating his own attempted suicide at the age of twelve, David offers an up-close and personal perspective on how to identify warning signs, how to work through triggering factors and how to turn a life of despair and hopelessness into one of joy and fulfilment.

This is a book that will resonate with young people who have contemplated taking their own life and older people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts and accompanying feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness, depression and anxiety. ReWrite the Rules offers a clear pathway out of the suicidal ideation and into a better, more hopeful future.  It is also a timely and useful tool for those who know, love and want to help people who are troubled.

​The tragic act of suicide usually happens in isolation, away from the judging eyes of family or friends of the victim. It is the last answer for the sufferer whose only wish is to be rid of the pain of constant anxiety and depression.


With over 800,000 people worldwide dying each year and the numbers beginning to increase again, it is believed that 20 times that number are contemplating suicide every year. In our era, better understanding of mental illness means more focus is being brought onto the issue and great strides are being made in the treatment of depression and anxiety, two of the leading causes of suicide.


ReWrite The Rules has been drawn from the youthful experiences of the author, who has written this book as a reference to help the average sufferer with suicidal tendencies, whether they are in their tender teenage years or adults.  ReWrite the Rules is also an outstanding reference tool for the loved ones of 'at risk' sufferers.


The book also tackles the problems and effects of schoolyard bullying, acts of spite and revenge and the damage caused by a broken heart or relationship break-up. It introduces templates to the reader, offering pro-active strategies to regain control of their lives.


David Gillman is a Master Life Coach and NLP practitioner. David recognised that help for suicidal people was often difficult to find so he decided to write this book, with the intention that it is readily accessible in any library or computer. He feels it is imperative that people who are in need of help can easily find and use it. He knows only too well how difficult it is for people struggling with suicidal thoughts and plans to ask anyone for help, even though they recognise that help is exactly what they need.

The author has drawn upon his experiences to add weight and relevance to common problems that many people face around the world.

​Initially self-taught through necessity, his skills as a life coach have been honed through various study and classes. Today he runs his own coaching practice, Keystone To Success Life Coaching.

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